The assessment event for Air Arabia recruitment has been postponed by the airline as a precautionary measure against coronavirus. If you want to become a flight attendant or to obtain a job in aviation industry, we can help you with the following courses:

Specific training in aviation terminology “ English for Aviation Course”
Initial Safety Training for cabin crew attestation.

For details e-mail us at or contact us at 0722345770, 0722240590, 0732421940.


Romanian Aircrew Training Organisation - RATO organizes the initial training course for cabin crew members, starting with February, 3rd, 2020.

Compulsory requirements for enrollment:

The trainees are requested to address the enrollment request via e-mail:
or by telephone: 0722.240.590, 0722.345.770, 0732.421.940.


Romanian Aircrew Training Organisation belongs to S.C. DREAMSKY AERO SERV SRL and was established out of our desire to bring the highest level of quality and professionalism in aviation industry. We aim to attract and train young Romanian and International fellows in a way that would honour and take further the pioneer’s dream from extremely dynamic, technic and nevertheless fascinating domain.

We are accredited by RCAA (Romanian Civil Aviation Authority) in line with European Union no. 1178/2011 and EC no. 965/2012 and we had obtained the Certificate as a Training Organisation for cabin crew members: RO/OP-CC=10.

We are extremely ambitious and we aim for achieving the highest standards.

Image from the training room
Image from the training room

Where are we waiting for you?

Bucharest, Ficusului Street No. 44 A, sector 1, România

Phone no. 0722.240.590; 0732.421.940.


Why choose us?

Our school is a training organization specialized in the initial preparation required for obtaining the Cabin Crew Attestation.

We kindly advise you to apply for undertaking this type of training within RATO (Romanian Aircrew Training Organisation) and we guarantee that you’ll benefit from our instructors’ and trainers’ high level of experience, as well as from the most modern learning techniques.

Image from the training room
Image from the training room

What if you fall in love with flying?

If you have already opted for a career in this domain, we warmly invite you to choose our school and take your first step in aviation amongst us.

We will introduce you to the industry with novel and interesting guidance in areas relevant to those activities that a cabin crew members performing on board of an aircraft.